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Дата рождения 1992-10-15
Пол Вы знаете, я мужчина.
Страна Україна
Город Каштановый
Icq 561112211
Skype It's not hard to guess...
Jabber I don't know this thing...
Немного о себе Trying to think about fundamental things (like life-death, sense of life etc.). Looking for the better future for the mankind. Trying to understand all this people around. Have bad eyesight. Have not very good musculature and thin wrists. Chose wrong speciality for university. Don't really know what to do with my life (and don't really know who need it). Introvert. I haven't real friends. I felt love a couple of times (about 4) but never showed it, don't really know why. I think kid has equal rights as grown man and can't be punched, fooled or shouted. I love to made up stories, worlds. Maybe I can be a writer. I want to learn drawing. I want to live, not just survive. My beliefs is far away form modern pop culture (clubs, drugs, senseless talks etc.). I know... Or... At least, I want to believe that somewhere is a random persons. And this persons can understand my world-seeing and share it. Maybe they live near me, I just didn't notice them. Maybe they live far far away in foreign countries. If one of you, strangers, reading this now... Than... Than my life would acquire that final gear which would let it shine with the full power through the darkness of senseless void.