Let us speak from our hearts или ...In English

Let us speak from our hearts
...In English
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30-11-2013 14:34 +1

Suggest a topic to discuss, otherwise there's no point.

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Simple_Not 30-11-2013 14:36 0

uncleFLOPS, mi sona ala.

cherepets 30-11-2013 16:18 0

uncleFLOPS, My mother have bought iPhone 5S a few days ago. It's totally crap.

Axus 30-11-2013 17:41 0

cherepets, Oh, my God. You are major!

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 17:46 0

cherepets, My mother did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I don't know, I like it. It's definitely better than what competitors have to offer. I'm disappointed in battery life though. I'd more like Apple to concentrate on increasing the battery capacity, instead of performance improvement.

Axus 30-11-2013 17:52 0

uncleFLOPS, My mother bought me a banana yesterday.

cherepets 30-11-2013 18:00 0

uncleFLOPS, It has do difference from previous model except TouchID, which doesn't work well. She've added only two fingers, but it already get stuck with it add often ask her to input a password.

cherepets 30-11-2013 18:14 0

Axus, major - главный, совершеннолетний, старший, важный, майор, руководитель


cherepets 30-11-2013 18:21 0

cherepets, no difference*

tankist 30-11-2013 19:20 0

uncleFLOPS, I can offer you to discuss disgusting disguise.

Ram 30-11-2013 20:27 0

uncleFLOPS, Why do you use "I verb"-construction so often?..
Don't want to criticize your skills, but conversations with americans haven't give me any impression that this word-pair was common.

Ram 30-11-2013 20:38 0

uncleFLOPS, By the way... about that jeans topic.

Tried to by a pair today - almost in every shop the largest size was small for me.
And westland, tommy h. jeans still tell me that my size is 34-6.

cherepets 30-11-2013 20:41 0

Ram, You ever accidentally go up to a real big fat person, and you accidentally ask them for a good place to eat? And they look at you and say they don't know. And you're looking at them, like, 'You do know. I bet if I follow you for an hour, we gonna be eatin'. '

Ram 30-11-2013 20:43 0

cherepets, I think - 16 rolls (sushi, i mean) were my only food for the day.

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 21:27 0

Ram, Why do you use "I verb"-construction so often?..
I think I am selfish as even I don't know what.

Don't want to criticize your skills, but conversations with americans haven't give me any impression that this word-pair was common.
No idea. Most of English skills come from movies and conversations with Americans, so maybe they actually do speak that way.

Ram 30-11-2013 22:53 0

uncleFLOPS, It seems strange. Your way of speaking stroke me. Nothing similiar happened with native speakers

Ram 30-11-2013 22:55 0

uncleFLOPS, Situation with jeans dissapointed me( now i dont know where to buy it

Axus 01-12-2013 07:40 0

Ram, Buy jeans on-line or go to the US. They have so many sizes, that im sure youll find something.

Ram 01-12-2013 15:56 0

Axus, I think I should find where Westland shop is situated in Moscow. They have plenty of jeans XL, 2XL, 3XL and other.

Axus 01-12-2013 17:54 0

Ram, You're a nice guy, Ram.

Ram 01-12-2013 17:55 0

Axus, What do you mean?)
It's nice from you, but I'm a little bit messed

Axus 01-12-2013 18:00 0

Ram, Why? I dont know. I can see good people. And you're a good man, Ram. Im sure of it.

Ram 01-12-2013 18:33 0

Axus, Different people call different things "good".

Axus 01-12-2013 19:06 0

Ram, So, what is "good" for you?

Ram 01-12-2013 19:08 0

Axus, A person with strong principles, probably.

Axus 01-12-2013 19:10 0

Ram, Fair enough.

Ram 01-12-2013 19:12 0

Axus, It's included in principles

Axus 01-12-2013 19:18 0

Ram, I mean your position is fair enough for me :)

Ram 01-12-2013 19:24 +1

Axus, Mysterious that we started to speak about my character in the topic about my jeans size

Axus 01-12-2013 20:18 0

Ram, Shit. My aunt just died.

Ram 01-12-2013 20:21 0

Axus, I regret.
How old was she?

Axus 01-12-2013 21:05 0

Ram, 67...i guess. Im okay, but my mom crying a lot right now. Im not familar with such situations, what should i do?

Ram 02-12-2013 20:03 0

Axus, Act as you usually act.
This is the best strategy

Axus 02-12-2013 20:32 0

Ram, Thanks. I think she just needs time.

Ram 03-12-2013 15:48 0

uncleFLOPS, I think I should loose some weight - to find clothes easier, to feel better.
287 lbs for me is the third degree of obesity.
guys don't go to the military service with it.

Axus 03-12-2013 15:55 0

Ram, 130 kg? Wow, thats a lot. Is that hereditary disease?

Ram 03-12-2013 16:21 0

Axus, It's not very much for 188 height.
no diseases, probably eating too much

Axus 03-12-2013 16:26 0

Ram, What is your favorite meal?

Ram 03-12-2013 16:28 0

Axus, I don't think a gave any to single out)

Axus 03-12-2013 18:16 0


30-11-2013 14:37 0

Итак, дамы и господа! Минуточку внимания!
По многочисленным просьбам холиварщиков, желающих:
1) Попрактиковать знание английского языка
2) Разнообразить досуг на ХВ
3) Оценить уровень владения языком собеседников
4) Просто поучить язык вместе с пользователями юмористическо-образовательно-дискуссионн ого сайта Holywars.ru


Итак, правила вара:
1) Сторона не имеет никакого значения, можете выбирать по вкусовым пристрастиям
2) Топик может быть любой, я обговорил с несколькими людьми, которые будут "вбрасывать" темы, если будет наблюдаться явление "застоя в комментариях"
3) Категорически запрещается критиковать уровень владения языком собеседников (во избежание юзания гугл-транслейта и отказа участия юзеров с начинающим уровнем).
Поэтому приветствуется любое, даже самое маломальское владение языком.

Вот в принципе, и все. Если будут какие-то дополнения, буду кидать их сюда.

P.S. В случае успеха данного вара, планируется ввести линейку новых языковых варов с японским, французским, немецким и даже латинскими (sic!) языками.

33 комментария
uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 14:39 +1

Axus, Your English makes me cry.

Axus 30-11-2013 14:41 0

uncleFLOPS, Well, its not perfect, but im still learning it. By the way, where have you been this summer?

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 14:42 0

Axus, pona! tenpo pi mute seme la sina wile pali?

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 14:44 0

Axus, I went on a trip to the United States. I was working all summer, then I went to Chicago and New York, where I finally got to spend all the saved thousands of bucks on nice hotels, expensive alcohol, drugs, and random sluts. It was a lot of fun.

Axus 30-11-2013 14:44 0

Simple_Not, Oh, come on, Simple! I know you can, dont be shy.

Axus 30-11-2013 14:48 0

I know that. Last summer i was there too. I had 2 jobs at Orange Beach, AL. First was houseman, second - kichen staff (i prefer another word - dishwasher). Made 160 bucks a day. Was prety tough, but after all, a week at NY was worth it :)
Btw, where did you get the sluts at NY? Be careful next time, coz they can be dressed cops.

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 14:49 0

Axus, Just practice a little. You know, when you don't often use some skills (especially lingual) it'll became forgotten.

Axus 30-11-2013 14:51 0

Simple_Not, I cant see the destination of your coments. Do you face the same shit?

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 14:54 0

Axus, I worked at a restaurant too, but I was a cook.

Btw, where did you get the sluts at NY? Be careful next time, coz they can be dressed cops.
I mean local bar sluts, not the actual prostitutes, those are for the lazy.
I even fucked another work&travel student, who thought I was an immigrant from Russia, she probably thought she could marry me and immigrate legally, lel.

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 14:54 0

Axus, I wasn't talk on TokiPona for awhile. So I deside to make up little remembering exercide. Besides I talk to you, even if you can't understand it.

Axus 30-11-2013 14:56 0

uncleFLOPS, LOL! So funny and handsome. LUCKY YOU!

Axus 30-11-2013 14:57 0

Simple_Not, But thats not fair...I mean, if i cant understand your speech, whats the point?

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 15:01 0

Axus, Should I correct errors of someone I'm talking to if they are simply ridiculous?

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 15:01 0

Axus, For me it's perfect point. For you - who cares?

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 15:02 0

uncleFLOPS, Absaulutali.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:07 0

uncleFLOPS, Well, thats not English courses, but you can try. What about me? I dont give a shit, im just writing everything that comes to my mind. Im strong at talking, not writing. If i will start to think bout grammar, thats gonna be sooooo dull for me.

BY THE WAY, americans dont give a shit bout grammar too, they make so many mistakes. Almost just like me.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:07 0

Simple_Not, Pff...so rude.

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 15:08 0

Axus, Okay then. So why am I handsome exactly lel?

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 15:10 0

Axus, Murricans r stupid :DDDDD

Axus 30-11-2013 15:10 0

uncleFLOPS, You should be, you get the bitches.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:13 0

Simple_Not, Thats what they want the whole world to think bout them. They are pretending to be stupid, but in fact, they are greedy, sly and evil jews.

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 15:14 0

Axus, /pol/ claims the Jews control America.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:15 0

uncleFLOPS, You are right, but who or what the fuck is pol?

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 15:16 0

Axus, boards.4chan.org/pol/

Axus 30-11-2013 15:17 0

uncleFLOPS, Thread at the board?

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 15:21 0

Axus, There is not a single thread where the Jews are not accused of being the problem.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:24 0

uncleFLOPS, Huh, of course! And what do you think?

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 15:25 0

Axus, The board is /pol/, silly.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:28 0

Simple_Not, Im not so fashionable as you, guys

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 15:31 0

Axus, Their are typical nazis. The board used to be about hating interventionism, progressives, and commies, now all they are talking about is Jews and gays: the place has degenerated a lot.

Axus 30-11-2013 15:37 0

uncleFLOPS, the place has degenerated a lot.
As the whole world, bro.

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 19:06 0

uncleFLOPS, Their are

Axus 30-11-2013 21:59 0

uncleFLOPS, Who cares bout mistakes? Only gays and girls. And probably artists - coz they are gays too.

30-11-2013 14:52 0

And yes...THANKS FOR THE LIKES - appreciate that a lot.

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01-12-2013 17:58 0

Let's think of possible ways of attracting more people to this website.

36 комментариев
Ram 01-12-2013 17:59 0

uncleFLOPS, Spamming on popular vk-pages

uncleFLOPS 01-12-2013 18:02 0

Ram, I want new users be more like rch, not Egor, but that's one of the methods, yeah.

Axus 01-12-2013 18:02 0

uncleFLOPS, SEO, spam, advertisment?

Axus 01-12-2013 18:02 0

uncleFLOPS, Btw, where is rch?

Ram 01-12-2013 18:07 0

uncleFLOPS, I never singled him out.

tankist 01-12-2013 18:13 0

Ram, And who's been singled out by you?

Axus 01-12-2013 18:16 0

Ram, Very unpopular word positioning.

Ram 01-12-2013 18:23 0

tankist, I liked persik.

Some years ago - Flops was nice, but now his life-position is something distant for me.

Ram 01-12-2013 18:23 0

Axus, ?

uncleFLOPS 01-12-2013 18:24 0

Ram, Some years ago I was an incompetent, blue-pilled teenager though.

Ram 01-12-2013 18:28 0

uncleFLOPS, Only way of thinking and reasoning are interesting for me.

I don't care for volume of knowledge and something like this. So - what you call competence.

tankist 01-12-2013 18:29 +2

uncleFLOPS, As persik, who liked to choke himself?

Ram 01-12-2013 18:32 0

uncleFLOPS, I stake he will achieve a lot later.

tankist 01-12-2013 18:36 0

Ram, In choking!

Ram 01-12-2013 18:38 0

tankist, This joke shines.

tankist 01-12-2013 18:43 0

Ram, Why are you so sure about him? As for me (from my little review of his posts) he is just a usual uebok.

Ram 01-12-2013 18:54 0

tankist, He doesn't know something now, some of his decisions are childish... But for me he seems to be a clever person.
Maybe it need time for him to make the order in his head, I hope he will.

tankist 01-12-2013 18:56 0

Ram, Anyway, for this specific moment he is a very usual teen.

Ram 01-12-2013 18:59 0

tankist, But if not him then whom from HW? (just my point of view, not objective)

uncleFLOPS 01-12-2013 19:03 0

Ram, I cannot single out anyone, everyone's so damn different here. That's why I picked rch, as my example of the better ones, in contrast to Egor, as one of the worst.

Axus 01-12-2013 19:09 0

uncleFLOPS, Who the fuck is Egor and why is he so popular that you remembered him?

Ram 01-12-2013 19:10 0

Axus, Even I don't know who it is... One of trolls, I think

Simple_Not 01-12-2013 19:12 0

Axus, How can you forgot the person who has written over thousand absolutely identical comments? Of course in the case, that you've seen them all.

Axus 01-12-2013 19:19 0

Simple_Not, Rly? Could you give me the link to any of thoose wars, please?

Simple_Not 01-12-2013 19:22 0

Axus, Just find user named ELeshcev and look clousely to his posts.

tankist 01-12-2013 19:25 0

uncleFLOPS, Also, why nobody writes about users in "mudaki"?!

uncleFLOPS 01-12-2013 19:26 +1

tankist, We are too mudaki to do that.

Axus 01-12-2013 20:17 0

uncleFLOPS, I think, its funny to use russian-swearing words in the middle of the sentence.

Axus 01-12-2013 20:18 0

Simple_Not, Eleshcev is that famous troll Egor?

G.Wox 01-12-2013 20:25 0

uncleFLOPS, Some years ago I was an incompetent, blue-pilled teenager though.
some shit on the clean sheet

G.Wox 01-12-2013 20:26 0

Axus, Who the fuck is Egor and why is he so popular that you remembered him?
he is gomogay
Показываем свою попку vs Сомневаюсь

Axus 01-12-2013 21:08 0

G.Wox, LOL, this guy definetly have some issues.

G.Wox 01-12-2013 21:40 0

Axus, maybe, he born in taiga and he nad no one to fool around.

Axus 02-12-2013 12:23 0

G.Wox, Even bears on motorcycles?

Synt.Glina 02-12-2013 20:50 0

Axus, Maybe bears on bicycles?

Axus 03-12-2013 12:06 0

Synt.Glina, No. Mororcycles.

23-10-2014 17:34 0

I have very bad English, but I need exellent English. What to do?

4 комментария
Simple_Not 23-10-2014 19:31 +1

G.Wox, Do a barrel roll!

G.Wox 23-10-2014 20:47 0

Simple_Not, I have made 7 barrels. What next?

cherepets 24-10-2014 18:45 0

G.Wox, Roll them.

G.Wox 24-10-2014 20:05 +1

cherepets, I did it. Now I speak English very well. Thanks for such a wonderful advice.

30-11-2013 14:38 0

ken la mi mute sona e toki pona? toki pona li pona en musi.
sin la mi toke e toki pona.

6 комментариев
Axus 30-11-2013 14:40 0

Simple_Not, English, coments only, bro. Come on! Use your japaneese-bullshit elsewhere (i hope that wasnt rude)

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 14:44 0

>toki pona

a! a! a! ni li toki Nijon ala. ni li toki pona!

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 14:47 0

tenpo ni la mi pilin. ona mute toki ala. ken la mi toki e toki Inli. tenpo sin la ona mute sona e mi.

Axus 30-11-2013 14:49 0

Simple_Not, Are you fucking kidding me, bro?

Eevee 30-11-2013 18:06 0

Simple_Not, Какой профит от токипоны?

Simple_Not 30-11-2013 18:11 0

Eevee, Поймёшь некоторые аспекты изучения языков и получишь лишний повод для нелюбви к канцеляриту.

30-11-2013 16:40 0


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30-11-2013 18:15 0

John! We are losing him!

7 комментариев
tankist 30-11-2013 18:16 0

tankist, I am the one, who knocks!

tankist 30-11-2013 18:16 0

tankist, Have you seen real madness?

tankist 30-11-2013 18:16 0

tankist, Take me to the moment of tomorrow...

uncleFLOPS 30-11-2013 19:05 0

tankist, I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. I was alive.

Axus 30-11-2013 22:02 0


Axus 30-11-2013 22:08 0


tankist 01-12-2013 10:10 +1

Axus, Fucking cockroach.

30-11-2013 18:39 0

Yebis you provalis, where is my comb

0 комментариев
30-11-2013 21:40 0

Ай донт андерстенд ю, май дио френц.

0 комментариев
01-12-2013 15:47 0

mən sizin hamıvızın ağzınızı sikim-you understand me

4 комментария
tankist 01-12-2013 15:54 0

Vidadi, getmək özünüzü atdırmaq

Axus 01-12-2013 17:54 0

Vidadi, Анайнскейн жаляп, котак!

Vidadi 04-12-2013 20:41 0

Axus, шпрехен зе узбекишь?

Axus 06-12-2013 21:21 0

Vidadi, Азмас билем

02-12-2013 11:46 +1

4 комментария
Axus 02-12-2013 12:24 0

HKBD, This is war. War never changes.

uncleFLOPS 02-12-2013 13:50 +2


HKBD 02-12-2013 14:09 0

uncleFLOPS, u mad?

G.Wox 02-12-2013 14:33 0

if only american english there

02-12-2013 20:56 0


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03-12-2013 14:07 0

An hour ago I met a black man at the campus. He was a professor of something (I don't remember). I help him to find a shop. Nice man. Probably I'll see him againt - sometimes he works in G-building where I'm studying.

16 комментариев
Axus 03-12-2013 15:34 0

Simple_Not, Most of the real american black population is rude, unpolite and agressive. Thats my opinion from the personal expierence. However, you've met a nice guy, no doubt. Thats because black people in Russia have a good behavior.

Ram 03-12-2013 15:40 0

Axus, Still remember Miami, dirty, cheap, with plenty of board houses

Axus 03-12-2013 15:42 0

Ram, + sunshine, Mexican gulf & hot bikini-girls. Damn, i miss that time...

Ram 03-12-2013 15:42 0

Axus, don't like sun.
I have some eyes problems

Axus 03-12-2013 15:47 0

Ram, Photophobia?

Ram 03-12-2013 16:02 0

Axus, Strong myodesopsia.
Floaters are very bright and annoying in the sun

Axus 03-12-2013 16:16 0

Ram, Floaters? Wat?

Ram 03-12-2013 16:19 0

Axus, Google it.
You can find a page in wikipedia for myodesopsia

Axus 03-12-2013 16:33 0

Ram, I mean, what is floaters?

Ram 03-12-2013 16:37 0

Axus, It's written in the article.

they are the destructed parts of the eye’s vitreous humour

Axus 03-12-2013 18:16 0

Ram, Gosh. Does that hurt?

Ram 03-12-2013 18:19 0

Axus, no. They are just messing and annoy me, cause they are obscuring vision

uncleFLOPS 04-12-2013 01:44 0

Ram, Miami is also full of spics, so spending time there is a great way to casually learn Spanish.

Axus 04-12-2013 06:50 0

uncleFLOPS, And mexicans.

uncleFLOPS 04-12-2013 18:09 0

Axus, That is exactly what I said.

Axus 06-12-2013 21:22 0

uncleFLOPS, yep.

03-12-2013 15:56 0

Can someone explain the point of this thread? Practicing in English?

7 комментариев
Axus 03-12-2013 16:01 0


HKBD 03-12-2013 16:05 0

Axus, I think the best way for practicing in any language is to communicate with it's native speakers. Youtube for instance, or online gaming or Facebook.

Ram 03-12-2013 16:12 0

HKBD, I just do it for fun

Axus 03-12-2013 16:17 0

HKBD, Why not to do it here? Each kind of communicating is a way of practice.

uncleFLOPS 04-12-2013 01:43 +1

HKBD, I'm not practicing shit here, it's only for fun. It's a delusion to think you can really practice your skills by typing a couple of short posts on the Internet in English once in a while.

HKBD 04-12-2013 12:40 0

uncleFLOPS, what is so fun about it?

uncleFLOPS 04-12-2013 18:10 0

HKBD, It's different.

04-12-2013 18:40 0

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered,
weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten
lore -
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came
a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my
chamber door -
'"Tis some visiter", I muttered, "tapping at my chamber
door -
Only this and nothing more.

4 комментария
uncleFLOPS 04-12-2013 19:40 0

Rivil, I can recite the whole poem, I learned it a couple of years ago.

Axus 06-12-2013 21:23 0

uncleFLOPS, Слушай, хватит. Ты же скоро лопнешь от своего самолюбия. Так и сочится через край.

uncleFLOPS 07-12-2013 01:50 0

Axus, Actually, I despise myself.

Ram 07-12-2013 15:25 0

Axus, You have no need to try correct it in people.
It's very useful for your own purposes.