Beavis или Butt-head

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23-03-2011 21:03 +3

Великий кукурузо меня больше доставляет

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23-03-2011 21:52 +1

Мне нужна бумажка для моей кукурузины!

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24-03-2011 00:40 0

Бивис доставляет, особенно в полнометражке :D
Хотя вообще запомнилась фраза "нам дадут".

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24-03-2011 08:06 +1

Он больший мудак и больше доставляет.

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23-03-2011 21:08 0

Бивис умнее.

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ChopSkates 23-03-2011 21:10 0

opera.rulez, Иногда надо вспомнить старенькое, да и много новых лиц с того дня тут, кстати поиск меня обманул(

opera.rulez 23-03-2011 21:19 +1

ChopSkates, Всё равно в том варе не было нормальных комментариев. Может быть, сейчас кто-нибудь что-нибудь интересное придумает?

P.S. Хотел написать в заголовке, что Батхед умнее, а получилось наоборот.

23-03-2011 21:31 0

Both of them! But butthead a little bit more..смотрет филм, болше батхэд!
p.s. srry everybody for my rus., it's bad, i know :(

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ChopSkates 23-03-2011 23:33 0

Josh.Percolator, смотрет филм, болше батхэд!
Я твой дом, труба щатал!

uncleFLOPS 23-03-2011 23:43 +1

Josh.Percolator, В следующий раз, когда захочешь потроллить, не ставь аватарку гаррипоттера.

Eevee 24-03-2011 04:33 0

uncleFLOPS, Почему ты уверен, что он тролль?

uncleFLOPS 24-03-2011 08:24 0

Eevee, Я гарантирую это!

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 12:02 0

uncleFLOPS, I dont understand your distrust to me. Is that because im american man?
Lol, im not trollin, rly. I just enjoying to chattin with russian people.
p.s. i luv hp :e

Gopnik 24-03-2011 12:09 0

Josh.Percolator, I just enjoying to chattin with russian people.
You must ride the bear and learn to play balalaika at first

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 12:13 0

Gopnik, Are u serious? i u rly ride the bears? or you just kidding?

Gopnik 24-03-2011 12:34 +4

Josh.Percolator, Of course we are. Russian cars are not good enough, but russian bears are the best. They needn't any expensive fuel, berries and borsh are everything what they need. It's much better then the soulless machines, they are our friends, and friendship, you know, this is magic.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 12:44 0

Gopnik, i saw your Lada-Priora...not so bad, actually)
so...the bears didn't attack your people? I saw some photos from Moscow and Piterburg and there aren't any bears. I think they located in some other small cities. Do you live in small russian city? How is that? Please describe, i'll be very glad.

Lelik 24-03-2011 16:10 0

Josh.Percolator, sry man, but Gopnik were like trolololo

Razor 24-03-2011 16:19 0

Lelik, Деанонимизация свершилась!

Gopnik: Эдуард, залогиньтесь

Simple_Not 24-03-2011 16:27 0

Gopnik, I confirm this text. It's actually true.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 17:25 0

Lelik, no way. i saw pics with bears and vodka. i know you people can handle them.

Simple_Not 24-03-2011 17:37 +2

Josh.Percolator, In the Far East in the absence of the bears people ride on the tigers.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 17:48 0

Simple_Not, is that so? guys you r so funny)
by the way, my friend Antony always says the word "blyad" when he's upset or exited. What does it mean?

Simple_Not 24-03-2011 17:55 0

Josh.Percolator, "блядь" mean slut, whore and similar words

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 17:57 0

Simple_Not, no! he's good guy and he don't swearing with the bad words.

Razor 24-03-2011 18:01 0

Josh.Percolator, Probably we have bad news for you, 'cos it's true) But now it has a role of... hm... just interjection

Simple_Not 24-03-2011 18:02 0

Josh.Percolator, Lol, i understand what you talking about.
The second meaning of this word is a "fuck" like a interjection.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 18:18 0

Simple_Not, That doesn't change everything. Interjection "blyad" or not, he's swearing. But...that poor guy from a russia had a hard childhood, so...i wont. He deserved the right to swearing on russian, i think.

Razor 24-03-2011 18:21 +1

Josh.Percolator, that poor guy from a russia had a hard childhood

Yeah-yeah, toys, nailed to floor...)

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 18:27 0

Razor, everything in russia so bad? :)

Razor 24-03-2011 18:31 0

Josh.Percolator, Yup.

But honestly it's an

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 18:45 0

Razor, meme? are u serious? :)

Razor 24-03-2011 18:48 0

Josh.Percolator, Yup) Игрушки прибитые к полу. Russian meme

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 18:53 0

Razor, You guys also have them? :)

Morbus 24-03-2011 18:54 +1

Razor, веселый он тролль, наш кофеварка

Razor 24-03-2011 18:54 0

Josh.Percolator, Of course lol

Morbus 24-03-2011 18:57 0

Josh.Percolator, yeah, with what else can i play? i can't afford balalaika, because i spent money on computer and internet.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 19:20 0

Morbus, What about borsht? Can you afford it?

Morbus 24-03-2011 19:25 0

Josh.Percolator, of course! borsh and okroshka i eat daily, sometimes good old kisel', and of course half-bottle of vodka for appetite.

Razor 24-03-2011 19:26 0

Morbus, half-bottle
Y no bottle?

Morbus 24-03-2011 19:29 0

Razor, uhm, i can't understand)

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 19:33 0

Morbus, You guys drink vodka instead of water, am i right?)

Razor 24-03-2011 19:43 0

Morbus, Y = Why
no=not, потому что я смудил)

Morbus 24-03-2011 20:35 0

Josh.Percolator, nope, we drink vodka instead of juice.

Razor 24-03-2011 20:37 +1

Morbus, Yep, instead of water we drink moonshine

Morbus 24-03-2011 20:40 0

Razor, yeah, vodka much more tasty and expencive.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 20:46 0

Morbus, Fuck, i got it. U trollin me! Both of you!!!

Morbus 24-03-2011 20:50 0

Josh.Percolator, lol you so retarded

Razor 24-03-2011 20:51 +1

Josh.Percolator, Just kiddin'. Now some truth. There are NO bears/vodka/matrioshka/balalaika in usual russian life. We have some national features in our life, but nothing SO stereotypical. It's all so-named "branchy cranberries", ok?

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 20:59 0

Razor, ok...NO...but. how? why? no.

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 21:00 0

Josh.Percolator, NO BEARS? Any bears? No balalalaykas? Wow...that's...em, suddenly.

Razor 24-03-2011 21:01 0

Josh.Percolator, Ahhh nevermind. Just remember, that stereotypes are mostly NOT true

Razor 24-03-2011 21:03 0

Josh.Percolator, Bears - in the forests.
Balalaika - just folk music instrument.
Vodka - ...ok, somehow true

Josh.Percola… 24-03-2011 21:06 0

Razor, And you don't use the bears?
You rly don't riding on them?

24-03-2011 10:06 0

Дарья же.

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24-03-2011 10:27 +1

Мне похуй, Butthurt решает

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